Stalked – Get Off My Cyber Ankles

Girl, Bye.

I had another blog. I also had a cyber stalker. He was pretty obsessive about my blog, social media, work, etc. He actually created a fake persona and friended a colleague so he could interact with me. It took 6 months for me to figure out this person was actually a way for him to catfish me. Is that what they call it? It was annoying and frustrating and stole my energy, so I blocked the hell outta him, deleted my blog and put a curse on him (not really, I don’t know how). This is my new blog, my reset, my chance to do me in a new space without someone from the past who has a clinical delusional fantasy about me and who is trying desperately to hang on to my cyber ankles.

Good riddance.

Starting over has its down sides, but also a lot of up sides. I’ve had to start over a few times in life, and I view it as an opportunity. This time is an opportunity to have the blog I want based on some practice. I like it. Onward.


13 thoughts on “Stalked – Get Off My Cyber Ankles”

    1. Thank you! It has been a very strange experience, and certainly not one I would wish on anyone. Learning to peacefully deal with actions out of my control has been HARD, but rewarding. I have an anxious brain, and I don’t like for things to not be resolved, so the new blog is some resolution for me.

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    1. It was really disturbing, especially when I first realized he had created an entire persona and I hadn’t thought anything other than “Huh, we have a fan.” because nothing was inappropriate or targeted at me, just casual social media interactions…until I shut down my other blog…

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    1. It’s disconcerting when someone doesn’t respect the clear boundaries you set, but thankfully starting over has been a positive experience for me and I have been encouraged by the blogging community!

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    1. Thank you. Our brains are complex things, and so are our attempts to escape a reality we don’t want. I think he may have fallen into that trap, but I wasn’t going to be trapped by it too. I’ve had to start a lot again, and this blog has been a really good do-over. It’s more honest and I can’t regret that.

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