4th Anniversary of the Day I Started to Heal

Today has been hard for me to get to. Four years ago I got a phone call that left me numb and horrified and unable to breathe. I got tossed aside and betrayed by a person who blindsided me, then spent the next two years emotionally beating the life out of me over the guilt they felt. That was six days before I nearly died in a car wreck. Four years ago was not a good week for me.

This is a good week, because for the first time in years I am able to recognize that it was not the end I had believed it to be, it was the beginning of four years of healing and all the good that has come from that. It was the day I learned to open my eyes, be honest with myself, authentic with others, and declare to myself that I AM VALUABLE.

Saturday won’t be about remembering the day I almost died, I am running a 5k with a lot of friends to celebrate how far I have come in my recovery. A lot was taken from me four years ago, and four years later I have gotten back so much more.

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