Buy Spray Paint & Do Yoga

Thus saith my to-do list.

In my renewed attempts to “get shit done”, I have figured out that the simplest works best: I am much more likely to accomplish all of the things on my to-do list if I write them down on a small pad of paper that a friend brought me from Mexico. I have no idea why this is what works, but this is what works, and all the tech in the world does not, so tiny notepad, we got this!

I am just about ready to separate from my business partner. I also have cognitive issues, so I tend to take a while to consider actions that directly involve my relationships with others, especially if I think those actions may cause a potential end to a relationship. But I have just about had enough after today.

I have brought in every single project we’ve had this year. All of them. I have also done the majority of the work, because, since these are projects I’m getting, they’re projects I can do. My business partner and I have very different skill sets, and I just want to do what I love with clients I believe in. It’s why I took the risk to open my own firm in the first place.

My business partner has been wearing me out today with a proposal for a job we want. I got the call from the client, I built the rapport with him, I arranged meetings, I know exactly what I want to do for him and how, and I have very honestly assessed where I am going to need to quickly get up to speed on a few points to deliver what I have said we would deliver. My partner has no experience with this type of project. Which is why I find it confounding that he was trying to set the fees.

I wrote out a proposal, set a flat fee based on my anticipated time involved plus hourly rate, and discounted it based on where the client is financially right now and where this job could take him if it’s successful. If this works, it will make us a lot of money. That said, I also have to assume some risk. So I spelled out our deliverables, our terms and our expectations for future steps should the client choose to work with us, then to continue to work with us. Because this is a large and long-term project, I want to see up front if they pay their bills on time and if I can successfully collaborate with them (client plus his family and/or associates). If this initial test doesn’t work well, I step away having risked very little and lost even less. If it does work, this could be a really great bit of work for us.

Which I explained to my partner, who then spent the entire day second-guessing me, making up math that had no basis on our internal process, quadrupling the fees for no defensible reason and wasting a hell of a lot of my energy explaining myself and telling him why we were absolutely not basing our fees on arbitrary hours.

I am really good at what I do, and I am just about over having my abilities and intuition, which have gotten us this far, second-guessed every time I write a proposal.

Having said that, my business partner has been diagnosed with Asperger’s, ADHD and dyslexia. It complicates things, because it’s hard for me to read sometimes whether he’s acting or thinking according to his neurological conditions or if we are just that far apart in what we value and how we understand the world. I just want to be left alone to do what I know how to do and not have to constantly explain what I think should be pretty clear.

What do I do?

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