About That Date Last Night

Really not ready to date yet. I did it anyway.

I met up with some friends downtown for the annual turning on of the Christmas lights. I don’t care for crowds and getting bumped can trigger me so I generally avoid this kind of thing, but I figured why not? Client’s Brother decided that was a great reason to meet up with me rather than wait for Sunday, so we ended up on a spontaneous date. We grabbed some beers, watched part of the game, took a picture with the most epic ugly sweater ever (the guy also had Christmas ornaments hung in his long beard) and made out in my car for over an hour.

My post-trauma dating history is terrible. My ex did damage I am still trying to recover from, I have gone out with psychopaths (clinical) and guys with severe attachment disorder and it has all left me not wanting to date again, because I am tired of picking the bad apples. I’m pretty skittish.

But, you know, what the hell.

9 thoughts on “About That Date Last Night”

  1. You’re right, what the hell! Why not give it a shot? It sounds like things are heading in the right direction and heating up, so why not just go with it for now and see what comes from it? Hoping for the best for you 💜

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  2. It sounds like a pretty good day to me. And you’re right why the hell not?! It’s only a failure if you don’t learn something and apply it to future events. Glad it went well. Everyone deserves to be happy and to find love. I’m working on that myself.

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