Late Nights & Lots of Crafts

I’m in my natural state – overextended.

I stay in a constant state of overcommitment. I still haven’t learned that I can’t do as much most days, so I do what I want to do, rather than what would be a better balance. I really love to give my time away. ALL OF IT.

I have zero space for dating, because I hadn’t planned on it. Now I’m dating, and it’s making for some late nights on the phone because that’s when we can catch up and focus on each other.

I am working with my lovely if occasionally annoying group of kids to make crafts to sell at my city’s massive Christmas Stroll this coming weekend in support of an orphanage near Monterrey, Mexico. It’s beyond giving to the less fortunate, it’s about providing for the most vulnerable people – impoverished and abused children. We heard about the booth and promptly offered up all of our creativity and spare nights, and we have been busy. It’s a great bonding time, but sitting on a tile floor painting for 3 hours last night is not without its consequences for me this morning as I creak around. My grouchy old bones are not as willing of participants.

This is on top of work, caring for my grandma, running the house, my brother starting to open up to me, various other holiday commitments for care packages and gatherings, my pro bono work, my volunteer work, and at some point starting to make Christmas happen.

Can I not adult today?

But it’s so worth it. Sacrificial giving is such a fulfilling thing. Not the giving from excess, but giving from having little. It’s part of my practice of gratitude, and I have rest planned as soon as I finish my whirlwind of commitments. I will be grateful for that too!


11 thoughts on “Late Nights & Lots of Crafts”

  1. You definitely have your hands full with things to do. Dating would just be the tip of the iceberg on that! But it really does sound like it’s worth it to you, so that’s always important. My days feel so little compared to yours haha. But I feel you on the not adulting – sometimes you do need a day to just breathe and be

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    1. I only compete with myself 😉

      If it were just dating and I weren’t already falling hard for this guy, might be one thing, but he’s wonderful and kind and I want to spend time with him – I just don’t have it for the next two weeks! The first two weeks of December are always really busy for me because I need to get documents finished before everyone shuts down for the holidays and there is so much that happens before people start traveling to be with family. I’ll try to learn for next year!

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      1. Haha well that’s not a bad competition then :p

        And he sounds like he may be the understanding type – it’s not like you’re always this super hectic, but the holidays are always a little rough, especially with what you’re doing on top of It. So dating may be a little harder, but I can’t see why he wouldn’t stick around (:

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