First Successful Trigger Cope of 2018

It wasn’t long before I starting thinking I might want to prepare for a trigger…

The work is paying off.

I’ve spent the last week or so working on new coping techniques for anxiety while I didn’t have a lot of anxiety (relative to what I can and often do experience). I’ve learned to not pressure myself to learn new things while putting my energy into dealing with intense anxiety episodes, which is why my default anxiety food is still grilled cheese.

I found out two days ago that a friend of mine from grad school had been hit by a car on Christmas, and was in the hospital recovering from severe injuries. It wasn’t long before I starting thinking I might want to prepare for a trigger…and sure enough it was a trigger.

I dropped what I was doing and went through a yoga practice. Didn’t sit around stewing or freaking out or getting really emotional, I acknowledged what my brain was doing, let it go, chose another way to think about it, and did yoga for a while. It stopped the trigger experience, and I was left with mild to moderate anxiety the rest of the day instead of a massive panic attack.

I’ve been practicing yoga every day for a week in the hopes that getting accustomed to that will help me not have such a barrier to accessing that tool when I get triggered. Different coping tools for different trigger, but this one was a success, and the first trigger of the year didn’t become the first panic attack of the year. #grateful

8 thoughts on “First Successful Trigger Cope of 2018”

  1. I do restorative yoga a couple times a week and have found it really helpful, but haven’t taken on a practice at home yet. Mostly that’s because I find it helps being in a dedicated yoga space and having the presence of my teachers (who are really good), but I like your strategy of going straight to a practice when something comes up.

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    1. I do yoga at home because I’m unlikely to leave the house to go to a studio. I have a thing about group exercise. Having said that I found a colleague teaches yoga a few times a week, and her classes appeal to me.

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  2. I’m sorry your friend was in a car accident! I hope they’re okay. But it’s good you took preventative measures this time to protect yourself from that trigger. Yoga has been doing wonders for you it sounds like

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