Stalked, Again

I have no idea how that lunatic found me.

The horrible human who cyber stalks me found this blog – dozens upon dozens of hits DAILY. It’s taken about 6 months, but this week, in the middle of everything else I’ve been dealing with, the stalker found me.

I am horrified that someone can be so sick that they obsessively scour the internet for another person until they land on an anonymous blog. You have to be a terrible human to not listen when someone says NO. What a disgusting way to live and to be so harmful to another person.

Now something I enjoyed is something I want nothing more to do with. And I hate that, because I have so enjoyed the blogging community and y’all’s support of me, but this…it’s sad to leave.

14 thoughts on “Stalked, Again”

  1. I was wondering why I wasn’t getting updates about your blog anymore. If I ever meet that guy I might kill him. You’ve been through enough, and he couldn’t just let you have this peace. I do hope that you continue, mostly for your sake. I wish I could figure out how to private message in WordPress

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        1. Thank you. She had a rough night last night. We’re both exhausted. Hoping she sleeps tonight. She’s ok, she’s in a lot of pain from unmanaged arthritis and she is not adjusting well to losing her mobility. It’s a bit stressful for this empath. We have an appointment next week to see what our options are.


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