Stalked, Again

I have no idea how that lunatic found me.

The horrible human who cyber stalks me found this blog – dozens upon dozens of hits DAILY. It’s taken about 6 months, but this week, in the middle of everything else I’ve been dealing with, the stalker found me.

I am horrified that someone can be so sick that they obsessively scour the internet for another person until they land on an anonymous blog. You have to be a terrible human to not listen when someone says NO. What a disgusting way to live and to be so harmful to another person.

Now something I enjoyed is something I want nothing more to do with. And I hate that, because I have so enjoyed the blogging community and y’all’s support of me, but this…it’s sad to leave.

16 thoughts on “Stalked, Again”

  1. I was wondering why I wasn’t getting updates about your blog anymore. If I ever meet that guy I might kill him. You’ve been through enough, and he couldn’t just let you have this peace. I do hope that you continue, mostly for your sake. I wish I could figure out how to private message in WordPress

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        1. Thank you. She had a rough night last night. We’re both exhausted. Hoping she sleeps tonight. She’s ok, she’s in a lot of pain from unmanaged arthritis and she is not adjusting well to losing her mobility. It’s a bit stressful for this empath. We have an appointment next week to see what our options are.

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          1. The care team expects her to get back on her feet, but her left knee is so damaged from unaddressed arthritis that it will remain a risk for her. They’d like her to see an orthopedic surgeon, but I don’t see surgery being an option for her since she was scared to even see the physical therapist… who was awesome and who she liked when she met her. The negativity and fear is just exhausting, and she’s pretty much the only person getting in her way, so we’ll see if does the work to get back on her feet.


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