“I Know, Honey, We’ll Talk About It Later.”

That was my mom’s response yesterday when I told her my anxiety had reached a point that I would either need to check in to a hospital or knock myself out on Xanax for a few days. Either way, I was losing decision making and problem solving function and about to be unavailable to anyone for anything.

That was her response.

Kind of like the upstairs neighbor, I wasn’t even mad, I just didn’t know what was going on. Huh?

So I calmed myself as best I could, went back to grandma’s, tried to stay calm, handled work the best I could, was very pleasant, and tried to make a plan to reduce my responsibilities as much as possible for a couple of days.


10 thoughts on ““I Know, Honey, We’ll Talk About It Later.””

  1. That’s… that’s the worst kind of response. I’m sorry I’ve been so out of touch with your blog lately! It sounds like things have been stressful and I just wish you good vibes and positive energy! I hope your anxiety climbs down soon.

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      1. I’m sorry they don’t get it, some people really don’t understand how bad things like anxiety are for some people, and how critical it is that something gets done. Wishing you the best, love!

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