Something to Look Forward to

Grandma is being crazy (loose term, yes I know, but I don’t want to get into it), and I am actually counting the hours until I get to leave. I’m like the custodial parent here: I get all of the bad behavior while everyone else gets to see her perform for company. There is no rational thought happening in her head, and it is really frustrating to me because I cannot solve any problems here. She won’t let me solve her imaginary problems, and she frequently doesn’t tell the truth, so…I’m counting the hours.

One of my coping ideas is to figure out something to treat myself with when I get out of here in a couple of days. I haven’t settled on anything yet, but it’s as varied as a nice dinner out to getting my car detailed. I’m going to be working the next two weeks straight with a lot of travel, and there won’t be much room after Thursday for something for myself, so I have about a day and a half free before I hit the road.

I want to spoil myself a bit, then it’s back to work, back to working on my health and back to recovery. But I haven’t settled on something yet, so feel free to weigh in!

8 thoughts on “Something to Look Forward to”

        1. Bottle of wine and no Xanax? I haven’t taken one this year. I think I’ve felt… maybe four times that I needed one, but found people to support me instead. I (apparently) inherited a high tolerance for alcohol, so a bottle of wine will just about mellow me out. Cheers! 🍷

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          1. I’m thinking about it, but it’ll be about 100 degrees outside when I break outta here and I’m not mentally ready for summer! If the mosquitoes aren’t bad I may go sit in my garden with the wine though… assuming it doesn’t die before I get home πŸ˜…

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