A New Reason to Practice Yoga

As I listened to Chapter 3 of Healing from Trauma: A Survivor’s Guide I noticed I was experiencing some of the trauma symptoms the narrator was describing. I was tensing up, getting a headache and tightening inward, as if to curl into a ball and protect myself. I was aware I was doing this (mindfulness practice seems to be showing some results!) and unclenched my jaw and rolled my shoulders a bit.

I’ve noticed also during yoga, which I’m practicing more regularly again, that I don’t have a lot of flexibility in my shoulders. There are positions that are really challenging for me, like making a bridge with my fingers pointed toward my feet or clasping my hands behind my back and straightening my arms. I didn’t remember that being the case previously, but a lot of times I blame weight gain for my yoga practice challenges.

Oh…wait…trauma response…tight shoulders…

I’m not sure if it’s more freeing or discouraging to realize that my lack of flexibility and range of motion is due more to trauma than my fat rolls, but it does provide a path forward, and a solution – more yoga!

3 thoughts on “A New Reason to Practice Yoga”

  1. I love yoga! I wish I could do it more! My son has his own yoga mat and he will ask to do yoga or we do stretches before bed. I’ve found a cute mat for my daughter. The other day when we were doing kids yoga, they kept laying on me or my son kicked me in the face when we were in downward dog and he lifted his leg up lol. I just want to be able to do it for me and not have my kids crawling all over me the whole time! But it takes time. Maybe do some stretches every day in the morning. It really picks you up. I feel like it does anyway. And then do yoga whenever you do it or do the stretches before bed to relax your body.

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    1. That’s so cute and funny…what a gift to them. Bedtime routine that includes yoga and other calming practices is on my list of adjustments to make. Right now I try to get it done in the morning or afternoon so that I have the energy…pretty likely to drop myself on my face in a down dog in the evening/end of the day!

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