100 Days of Healing – Day 47

I’m on a juice, green tea and cashew milk diet this week. I’m not big into cleanses and crash diets, but I have it in my head that this will be good for a reset. And after last week…raw vegan juicing sounds awesome.

I really don’t expect this to be pleasant or enjoyable. I actually expect it to suck. I’m supposed to meet a friend for dinner and drinks this week, and my first thought was that I’ll just veer off the plan for the one meal and it won’t matter.

But that’s how I got here. Veering off when discipline, self-care and boundaries around what I need were tossed aside when it wasn’t “convenient”. I’m not doing this to punish myself, I’m doing it because I’m finally starting to love myself! So I’ll drink juice for dinner there and we’ll have a lovely time and I will stick to what I know is beneficial for me, regardless of what anyone else thinks about it.

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