100 Days of Healing – Day 69

Things aren’t so hard. Still hard, yes, but not so hard. Positive change doesn’t seem impossible. Challenges don’t seem insurmountable. Calm and focus are not longer out of my reach. Yoga is not too difficult for me to enjoy. Prioritizing a balanced diet, sleep and rest is not making me miserable, behind with work or friendless. I am not alienating people by asking for what I need. I am not crippled by being honest with myself on the habits I need to change.

Things are better, I am healing and I am grateful.

7 thoughts on “100 Days of Healing – Day 69”

      1. Thank you so much! I appreciate the feed! I want to break the stigma in the yoga community. It honestly helped my anxiety and depression so much but the biggest struggle was getting started in such an intimidating community🙈 feel free to share something you’d like to see xo ❤️

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        1. I have a hard time watching a video and trying to get into/ hold a pose, so being able to watch you do that is so helpful, and I feel like I know what I’m supposed to be doing, but in a way it feels accessible. I’ll think on what I get stuck on/ am unsure about and let you know!

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