100 Days of Healing – Day 83

So…that weight loss? It’s a trigger for me.

I’m one that unconsciously gained weight to insulate me from trauma. I also insulate myself at home a lot now, but at the time I had to be out and about all the time, so I gained weight as a protective measure.

Brains are funny things. Trauma does weird stuff to your brain. Like this.

Now that I’m losing weight (I’ve cleared 10 lbs!), I’m losing my protective layer, and that – that is what’s behind my recent relapse with severe anxiety.


The body does indeed keep score.

But now that I know I can address it and keep moving forward!

12 thoughts on “100 Days of Healing – Day 83”

  1. Have you read Jen Sincero’s book “You are a Badass”? I highly recommend it, and she talks about this kind of stuff. Sorry I haven’t been around as much, been writing (not publishing) much. I do the opposite, when I am stressed, I don’t eat. It’s all a control mechanism. Here’s to moving forward and kicking ass.


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          1. The Power of Vulnerability, which might be a conference recording and not a book. It was a lot of new information for me and I’ve been gathering info so I can live life differently… and hopefully better.

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          2. I am not getting these into my email for some reason, so I am sorry about that. I love that one. Also look for the one she does about Shame. The Vulnerability one literally went viral, and I think is among the top 10 TED talks of all time. She’s so good

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