HRV Tracking

The new wearable tech is here, and I’ve been checking my HRV a few times a day. The app I’m using is geared toward athletes, but for my application (managing PTSD symptoms) it’s working well, I think. I’m not changing behavior this week, I’m seeing what it does and how, how my number fluctuates throughout the day and how I’m feeling compared to my number. If HRV is new for you, check out my post about why I’m doing this! 

I was at 55 when I woke up yesterday morning, which is pretty good. I was at 44 this morning, and I had a bad night and ended up going back to sleep after I woke up. Data doesn’t resolve anything for me, but can inform how I understand and respond to my own needs, which is something that has been a challenge for me.

I’m pushing through work this week to get prepped for next week when I’ll be traveling and speaking a lot. I also have to submit a project for a client, and that has to be ready to go before I hit the road because I won’t have time to do it later. Despite the sometimes dizzying anxiety I’m experiencing this week, I keep pushing ahead as I’m able. Once I get past next week my deadlines and public appearances should be done for the year, and I can go back to working in quiet on my own time – which means I will need to use that time to really dig into managing PTSD instead of letting it manage me.

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