Discomfort Is Working On Your Car

It was a good practice learning to sit with discomfort (something I am not good at) yesterday when I repaired the super foggy headlights on my car. It was getting to the point that I almost couldn’t see at night, which is not safe, especially with shorter days coming up next week. Plus I drive around rural areas a lot, and wildlife tend to lurk on the side of the road, waiting for you to pass so they can get their nightly thrills in.

Being the do it myselfer that I am, I got a kit at the auto parts store, read the instructions and set about making clear headlight lenses. 45 minutes of sanding and polishing by hand, several trips to the side of the house to refill my pitcher with water and a brief stop for a hot biscuit later, I had beautifully clear and new-looking headlights.

It was hard, it was a lot of sanding (my Fitbit thought I had run for half an hour) and I am so out of shape that it was a pretty substantial effort for me. I didn’t enjoy it, my arm got tired, I got frustrated by occasionally splashing water where I didn’t want it, I didn’t like the smell of the chemicals, I didn’t like getting the final lens coating on my ungloved hand and I didn’t like that I couldn’t just buy a new car.

But I persevered, I followed the steps, I pushed through my discomfort, and I accomplished something that is for my own benefit and well-being. Turns out, in more ways than one.