100 Days of Healing – Day 46

I’m finally back home after 135 hours of insanity, arachnids, reptiles, conflict, dust, extreme heat and being served beef for dinner.

I am going on a juice, green tea and cashew milk diet for the next few days. I feel like I have so many toxins to clean out…many, many toxins of all kinds.

But sometimes my life needs a bit of a purge, and I’m glad I’m learning as I go.

100 Days of Healing – Day 22

I went for a really hot three hour walk this morning. After hot rock climbing two days ago my leg muscles are still sore, and my feet hurt from putting nearly 20 miles on them in three days.

I could have been miserable for a good bit of that walk, and the last mile and a half back to the house was scorching. I chose instead to meditate, to be mindful and to embrace the challenge. And the heat.