1% Attempt #2

I did it!

My goal has been to slowly begin to improve in areas that I have not been able to achieve goals. One is exercise, another is having a well-exercised design muscle. This past week I wanted to do 10 kettlebell lifts and one little bit of design every day. I only missed Saturday, a day that I had a lot of family stuff going on. I even got it done yesterday, when I barely got out of bed and didn’t feel well most of the afternoon. Success!

This week’s goal is 10 kettlebell swings and one little bit of design every day.

1% Failure

Last week I had a new goal to improve by 1% every day. Not in an actually measurable way, but to make small, incremental steps toward bigger goals. I had two things that I wanted to do every day last week, and this week would have two more things that were a step up of last weeks things.

I made it 3 days.

Then I got sucked into a whirlwind of anxiety and PTSD symptoms, and totally forgot I was even doing this.

I’m not even the least bit disappointed or discouraged about it, I’m simply going to try again. So this week is 10 kettlebell lifts every day and one little bit of design work every day.

1% Improvement

I’ve read a few things now that talk about small, incremental change being not only more achievable but more lasting, and by improving 1% every day you can accrue a lot of positive change. I like this principle and am ready to practice!

I also don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. I make changes any and all times of the year!

Every week I’ll decide on one or two small things to do every day that week, whether it’s exercise or reading or writing or working on things I want to get better at, but it has to be something that helps me get better. After being reminded this weekend of how little physical strength I have relative to what would make my life easier (lifting boxes, carrying more things, etc.), my daily minimum for this week will be 10 kettle bell lifts every day. I’m not even going to push it up to swings, just lifts, just beginning the practice of doing something every day that is small, achievable, reaches toward my goals and that I am not already doing.

Starts today!