100 Days of Healing – Day 77

I peed in my yard.

In an epic learning moment of asking for what I need and/or making sure my needs are met, I was at a potluck last night and only drank water and unsweet tea during dinner (because keto). I hadn’t realized I drank about 48 oz of water, but when I decided it was time for me to go, a woman delayed me wanting to talk about my grandma. I didn’t, but I was in polite conversation mode so went along with it, thinking maybe I should use the bathroom but my house wasn’t that far away and I didn’t want to go back in the house.

It wasn’t, until it was.

The amount of water I drank occurred to me on the way home as I realized I desperately had to pee. But I was already in JUST GET HOME mode, so I didn’t stop, and I wasn’t sure I could get out of my car without looking ridiculous.

About two miles from my house I started thinking I could just pee in my yard, as it was dark and I didn’t think anyone would notice. Once that thought struck me, that was the only option that was going to happen…so I did.

Yep. Make sure your needs are met, and pay attention to what your needs are.

100 Days of Healing – Day 25

The good news is I didn’t take a tumble down the mountain face. The bad news is my phone did. It’s just a cracked screen, but enough glass is missing from it that I’m not about to put up with months of this. The repair is $150ish.

I’m not mad about this.

In the overall timeline of me owning phones, this is the first time I’ve had to pay for a repair. I’ve not lost or broken them. My phone slipped out of my bag when I was leaning over a section of rock for balance and went skipping down a mass of granite. Oops. But that’s all. It broke, it can be fixed, the cost is inconvenient but I can and will make it up and it’ll be ok.

And that perspective is so forgiving toward myself. There was a time in my life that this would have put a dark cloud over the whole trip. Now it’s just a shrug and I go on about being happy.

Hello, Edge of Sanity

I was supposed to have a care giver at grandma’s this morning so that I could leave to go to therapy and to work and do a few errands. We got a different person than who I was expecting, a new person who has injury restrictions on lifting.

I can’t have an injured person who can’t lift. Grandma has to be lifted. Right now she really isn’t bearing her own weight, she’s a bit out of her head, and I need to get her rechecked for an infection. But that all takes phone calls and paperwork and doctor’s orders.

A replacement is supposed to be here at noon, but I’m still missing my therapy appointment, I’ll need the hours I’m gone to calm down after this morning’s confusion (I had to handle the care giver and grandma) and change of plans (I was really counting on going to therapy), and I have to get some work out to a client by the close of business.

I don’t even have my laptop or clothes since I thought I was going home this morning.