B&W Challenge Day 6

I am normally not a joiner, but I like these bloggers, so…

I was challenged by Laken on Dazed and Still Dreaming to participate in the Seven Day Black And White Photos of Your Life Challenge.

Tuesday I challenged Haylee at Stumbling Around Our World.

Wednesday I challenged Laura at LF Books.

Thursday I challenged Alexis at Untangled.

Friday I challenged Amielle at Love Amielle.

Yesterday I challenged Kashyap.

I’m not a joiner, and I generally don’t do anything the internet tells me to do, but I appreciate the connections I’ve built with several bloggers and this seems to fit that. Also my week is turning into an endless hell and this is an excellent break from that.

No people, No explanation & Challenge someone new everyday for 7 days.


I challenge AnonymouslyAfroIrish because her blog has a lot of great texture, and I think that would translate well in black and white photos.